5 ways of keeping life in motion after 50

5 ways of keeping life in motion after 50

Just because you’ve reached a certain age, doesn’t mean you need to slow things right down to a stop. Life in motion means keeping yourself young at heart, whatever age you might be and there many ways in which you could do this!

Here’s 5 just to get you started:

1. Exercise

Whether you’ve been a lifelong exerciser or a late bloomer and whatever your exercise preference might be, unless your doctor says otherwise, keep going!

We all know there’s a long list of benefits from exercising for both physical and mental health. Keeping yourself active can prevent many of the medical problems associated with ageing so keep yourself moving, and in our eyes, is more or less keeping yourself young, after all we’ve heard rumors that life begins at 50!


2. Sleep

It’s common that the older you get, the worse you sleep… however experts recommend adults get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night (oh wouldn’t that be nice). A good rest can have you feeling rested and energetic, pumped to keep living in motion.

Apart from just feeling refreshed, sleep is also important to physical and emotional health. A good night’s sleep can help improve concentration and memory formation, allows your body to repair any cell damage and refreshes your immune system. So go on, treat yourself to that early night or lie in!


3. Spending time with friends and loved ones

Meeting up with family and friends is a great way to keeping your life in motion whatever your age. Spending quality time with loved ones can leave you feeling spirited and full of life.

Is this something that just us have noticed or have you noticed it to? But for some reason, as you get older it seems like it more difficult to arrange a catch up with loved ones. Often looking back on precious memories from your 20s and 30s when it seemed like all you did was socialize well… we’re encouraging you to get social!


4. Having a hobby

It could be anything from reading, gardening, cooking, a sport or jigsaw puzzles,  a hobby you’re passionate about will keep your mind and body active.

The beauty of hobbies is that they can take up as little or as much of your time as you wish! With so many options, you can pick what suits you best. Whether it’s a hobby you do alone or with a friend, loved one or group, hobbies can help energize and inspire you, keeping your life in motion.


5. Plan for the future

Life in motion, is keeping yourself active physically and mentally. With this in mind, make future plans! Always have something in the calendar to look forward to, whether it’s a catch up with an old friend, a trip away or a night at the movies – no plan is too small or too big!

Having plans to look forward to, can give our lives a sense of meaning and satisfaction from organizing an event that you know will enjoy.

So just one last message from us, ENJOY YOURSELF and keep your life in motion.

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