8 Ways to move more in your daily routine

8 Ways to move more in your daily routine

It can often feel overwhelming when it comes to setting time aside for exercise, hard to find the motivation to get to a gym class or to get that step count up.

So what if there is a way to get this done without setting a certain time period aside? Well, here’s the good news, there is.

These may seem obvious but putting them into practice could mean you moving more throughout your normal daily routine so you don’t need to set the same amount of time aside specifically for exercising!

Here are 8 ways to move more during your daily routine!

1. First up we have, a good morning stretch

Start the day right, even if it means setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier, you could feel more awake by adding a 5 minute stretch to get your day started. Stretching first thing can help relieve any tension or pain you might have from sleeping the night before as well as increasing your blood flow.

Your morning stretch can be something you’ve already learnt through a yoga practice, copy from an online video or whatever movement feels good for you!

A morning stretch can be a simple but effective way to help wake up the body and improve your mood ready for the day ahead.


2. Next up, we have taking the stairs

Yes, this is boring and been said a lot but this is for a good reason. Taking the stairs instead of catching the elevator can not only help increase your heart rate but it can also help with balance, coordination and strengthen your muscles. This is for both going up and down the stairs.

In addition to the physical perks, it could also be quicker than waiting for the elevator and people getting on and off at different levels so if you think about it, it could be an ideal win-win plus they’re not that hard to find either, whether that’s at home or local shopping mall.

3. Something a little more fun maybe, try sitting on an exercise ball

Whilst you’re at home, consider swapping out your usual chair for an exercise ball (or also known as a stability ball) for a certain time period of the day. When used properly a stability ball can strengthen the stomach and lower back muscles which can help stabilize the whole body. Other benefits can be improved balance and posture.

Plus, it’s something that can be a bit more fun and comfier than a standard chair at home. Just be careful and know whether or not this is something suitable for you.


4. Exercise or stretch during TV time

Ok so this might be your usual time to really Netflix and chill but don’t worry, I’m not suggesting a hardcore spin class in front of an episode of whatever binge worthy series you’ve recently got into. Instead, I’m suggesting maybe try using weights for the upper or full body strengthening or a Pilates session. Something you can do whilst still being able to watch the tv. Have space for a hula hoop maybe?

If you think about it, those 30 minutes you already set aside to catch up on one of your favorite shows, could also be your 30 minutes of movement you didn’t consider before.

5. Just because you might not have a dog, doesn’t mean you can’t take the dog for a walk

For those without a dog, you might find walking lonely or even daunting to do alone but just because you might not have your own, you could still ask a neighbor or a friend if you could join them on their dog walk.

Alternatively, you may have a local shelter or adoption agency which is looking for some volunteers to help by walking the dogs. You get to help your community and keep moving throughout your day.


6. Did someone say dance?

Yes I did! You heard me right, I said DANCE! Ok this might not be something you have the confidence to do whilst you’re doing your weekly shop but what about in the privacy of your own home? Turn the radio on or get one whatever music app you may use and turn the speaker up! As the saying goes, dance like nobody is watching!

You can do this whilst cooking dinner, cleaning the house or doing the laundry. Dancing is a great way to burn off some calories as well as helping out with balance and coordination. It’s something you can do alone or with others, why not get your partner or children involved.

7. Keep yourself moving by parking further away or add movement to your commute

This might only be a small change and a slightly further walk but it something that will help to keep you moving more through your day and increase your daily step count by parking further away from where it is you’re going.

Whether that’s driving to your friends or to do the shopping, wherever you might be going, check to see  whether there’s an alternative place for you to park that’s still within walking distance to your destination or could you even walk the whole way?

Another way to add movement is by considering alternative ways to commute to where you need to go such as cycling if it’s an option for you.


8. The exercises nobody else can see, move in your own way

Curious? I bet, unfortunately it’s not a well known secret I’ve just revealed, they’re exercises I’m sure you’ve already heard of. I’m talking about exercises you can do, discreetly and by yourself.

For example, whilst you’re sitting at your dining room table, watching the tv or even on your commute to do the weekly shop, there are exercises you could do that no one else knows such as glute clenches or calf raises (even pelvic floor exercises for the ladies).

These are fantastic ways to sneak in some extra movement to your daily routine and no one needs to know plus you don’t have to set any time aside to do them! Are you clenching your glutes already?

It’s important to keep yourself moving and these are just a few examples how you can add in some extra movement into your day without setting time aside to attend a gym class or squeeze in those 10k steps all at once.


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