How to start or improve your exercise routine!

How to start or improve your exercise routine!

Keeping life in motion


Let’s face the truth…

We’ve all been there, stuck in a rut when it comes to exercising where you really do lack the motivation to get started or deflated from your current routine where you’re not feeling the promised benefits or rewards so your heart just isn’t in it.

When you’re continuously faced with youthful athletes promoting ‘simple’ workout plans for ‘all ages’, even the sight of lunges can make your knees ache and eyes roll. We understand these can act as a deterrent before you even get chance to get off the couch… But we’re here to help you!


So be honest, what’s your current exercise routine?

Don’t have one? That’s ok, there’s no judgement here. No time like the present to get started!

Have one but you aren’t feeling the benefits? No problem either, acknowledging this is already a step forward and means you can look for ways to improve it.


Right then, where to start?

We’re sure you’re already aware of the long list of health benefits from exercising regularly so we won’t bore you with listing them all again but in simple terms, exercise is good for you.

So to get yourself started, firstly ask yourself what’s stopping you and look for ways to overcome these hurdles. For example:

  • Maybe you don’t want to exercise on your own but have no one to do it with, well this might seem like an obvious answer but find out if there are any local exercise clubs that hold classes for all abilities. You’re not the only one, there will be other people in the same boat as you
  • If joining a class isn’t for you but you want to get outside and exercise, then another simple solution could be using headphones to listen to your favorite artist or podcast whilst you exercise which could provide enough company to get you going
  • What if you don’t want to go outside? Well with access to the internet, there are plenty of online (and free) workouts you can do at home which could be suitable to the space and equipment (if any) you have available
  • Or maybe a previous injury is holding you back and you’re unsure what exercises you should or shouldn’t be doing. Well first things first, we’d recommend you talk a professional but secondly, find the right physical support if you require it


Talking of the right support… That’s where we can help!

Whilst there are many emotional, mental and physical support options out there, we want to introduce those who suffer from knee pain to the Alpha Knee Elite as a physical solution. This compression sleeve has been designed to solve problems associated with knee pain and reduced mobility, without the need for drugs or invasive surgeries.


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