Post Pandemic Exercising

Post Pandemic Exercising

There’s no denying the huge impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on many people’s daily lives for both work and leisure. For some people, it even brought change to their exercise routines which still haven’t returned to pre-pandemic regularity.

Was your exercise routine interrupted? Is it now back on track?

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With social distancing in place, many people were no longer able to attend gym classes or exercise with friends like they usually would and instead, were left to come up with their own alternatives.

Some turned to not working out at all, whilst others carried on alone. This meant going for sole walks or runs or following online home workouts to keep themselves physically active.

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Are the effects of the pandemic long lasting for exercise routines? Some researchers are worried it could be, with more people settling into a less active routine opting to spend more time sitting, looking at screens instead of taking part in more physical activities.

How does this change in behavior impact the body? Unfortunately, physical fitness can fade pretty quickly. It can take as little as a few weeks of not sticking to your regular exercise routine to have an affect on health markers such as oxygen uptake, blood volume and muscle strength.

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For many, restarting the habit of exercise can be difficult, whether this is physically or psychologically, however some have left the pandemic with a surge of motivation to get themselves physically fitter, whether they used to work out regular before the pandemic or not.  

After many seeing people with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity suffer from Covid-19, which all have a lifestyle factor that can be helped through exercise, has encouraged people to get more active.

If you’re looking to either start or get back into an exercise routine, make sure you have the right protection and support.

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