Retirement: Your time to relax or get moving?

Retirement: Your time to relax or get moving?

Depending on your job role, you may seize retirement as an opportunity to either finally relax and take it easy or jump at the chance to be out and about, moving more.

No wake up alarm

For those who are retiring from manual labor or the service industry, may use their retirement to turn off that alarm clock and make the most of early nights and lie ins, resting in their favorite arm chair, catching up on reading or watching tv shows.

Whilst those retiring from non-manual work may also make the most of not setting the alarm clock, but will take advantage of their free time to start some more physical activities and go out and about during the hours they were used to sitting at a desk or in their work place.

Whether you’re relaxing and getting use to less physical days or getting yourself on the move, AlphaSleeve understands that it’s important to keep your body protected and supported.

From fingers to toes, AlphaSleeve has a range of support and compression products that can help circulate your blood to reduce pressure on painful joints whilst also helping with mobility.

To ease current pain and protect, whether you’re inside or outdoors,  AlphaSleeve could have the product you’re looking for. Here are just a few of the product features that could give life changing results:

  • Alpha Gloves Elite –Ultimate flexibility and full range of motion whilst also experiencing controlled pressure to increase blood flow around the hands and fingers
  • Alpha Elbow Elite – For snug compression to help decrease pain and swelling plus a slim and discreet design that fits comfortably under long sleeve shirts
  • Alpha Knee Elite – Greater support and comfort with built-in meniscus stimulators around the knee cap and revolutionary side-bolsters
  • Alpha Ankle Elite – Lightweight, comfortable fabric with targeted compression zones to help with pain management and relief
  • Alpha Sock Elite – Breathable, quick drying fiber that’s designed for snug compression and comfort whilst you’re sat down or on the move

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