Top tips on how to help you on the road of recovery after a knee injury

Top tips on how to help you on the road of recovery after a knee injury

Suffering a knee injury can be life changing. It’s important to speak to a professional about your road to recovery and to follow their instructions.

However, it’s common to often feel frustrated not being able to do the things you used with the ease you used to do it.  Here’s a short guide on ways to help your recovery so you can return to your normal activities.

Before you start your road to recovery, first you need to assess the severity of your injury. This is vital when it comes to a successful recovery. By a professional explaining the extent of your injury will allow you to set expectations on the recovery time and process.

If you’re used to an active lifestyle, then you may find resting frustrating, however this will be key to your success. Without proper rest, you could increase your chances of extending the time it takes to recover along with the extent to which you could recover. Remember to be patient with your body whilst it heals.

Another top tip, would be investing in the right protective gear. Knee sleeves are a great way to prevent potentially aggravating your injury further whilst you move about. The Alpha Sleeve Elite compression sleeve has been specifically designed to solve problems associated with knee pain and reduced mobility. Find out more about this product by clicking here.

Another tip to help you on the road to recovery would be a reminder not to neglect your diet. Your diet directly impacts your body’s immune response which helps you to heal. Fruits and vegetables can help lower inflammation in the body as they are rich in a variety of minerals and vitamin C. Other foods such as high-quality meat, shellfish, and nuts are also helpful as they are high in zinc, another important mineral for the recovery process.

Reduce the swelling is another critical part of the healing process. Using ice, compression and heat in combination can help keep your knee comfortable and blood circulating.

Used to being on the move? When the time is right, slowly include a range of motion into your recovery and daily exercises. Adding more movements will help strengthen supportive muscles and ligaments.

You may or may not have tried it before, but yoga and stretching your muscles can help with recovery and flexibility. Start at the beginning, don’t overdo it. Focus on poses that stretch out your hamstrings and hip flexors as well as exercises that focus on your core to help relief some pressure off your knees.

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Whilst this is a useful guide to aid your recover, we always recommend consulting a professional for diagnosis and recommended treatment.

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